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56/16T-15-C500 - Water Softener

Water Softener

15k grain removal with Fleck 5600/16T Time based regeneration controller
Assembly instructions

Retail Price : $604.00
Our Low Price : $431.43

This high quality water softener is designed using fleck controls and Structual brand polyglass tanks to help assure many years of trouble free operation.

Timer based systems regnerate at predetermined times from an electric timer. The clock can be set to regenerate anywhere from once every 1 day to once every 12 days.

This softener comes standard wtih everything you need. It comes blue in color but you can select either charcoal or almond as an option below.

The system come with a 3/4 inch plastic yoke which is where the plumbing connects. You have the option of different yoke sizes and/or brass material below. Other options are brine deck that keeps most of the salt out of the water to help with clumping, a bypass valve that alows you to take the softener off line but still have hard water flow during servicing, a safety shut-off that helps prevents flooding in the event the brine tank over flows and a turbulator that stirs the resin during regeneration to more fully regenerate the softener for critical applications.


Max Flow Rate g.p.m. : [flow]
Capacity : [capacity] total grain removal
Color : Blue with black head
Resin : [resin]

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How to select a water softener
Replacement Control Heads
Replacement Resin

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Water Softener Calculator

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